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The Blue Boy is dedicated to introducing cutting-edge technology products for water purification, enhancement, and recovery to the U.S. market. Leveraging our management team's profound experience in delivering industrial technologies, we aim to bring innovative solutions to consumers. Our focus is on introducing a range of products that elevate water quality at the point of use– in homes and buildings, and for humanity.


As is written in the Viktor Schauberger book “The Water Wizard – The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water: 1 “(1999-11-04T22:58:59; Ecotechnology. Gill Books. Also available in Kindle): 


Our mechanistic, materialistic and extremely superficial way of looking at things … prevents us from considering water to be anything other than inorganic, i.e. supposedly without life but, while apparently having no life itself, can nevertheless miraculously create life in all its forms. Life is movement and is epitomized by water, which is in a constant state of motion and transformation, both externally and internally.


Thus, the WaterHealer™ . . .


I have spent my life working on clean and green technologies and have always been interested to see how technology can solve the dilemmas of polluted water.

When I encountered the WaterHealer™ device last year, my background as an engineer familiar with various water purification and recycling technologies led me to approach it with a scientific lens. Initially, I held reservations, believing that a device like this might not offer significant value given my comprehensive understanding of water purification methods.

In a surprise encounter at a conference, a filmmaker told me about Viktor Schauberger and his work in “Water kinetics”. I had previously seen movies on water characteristics being impacted by sounds like music, pollution, etc.; but never knew about Schauberger and his work. So, I decided to look into Schauberger's various inventions and writings. In his “The Water Wizard – The Extraordinary Properties of Natural Water” (Gill Books; also available on Kindle) I learned about active water. I finally decided that it is worth the effort to try to offer the one and only product carrying his concept to the US consumers.



I have since been working with the developer of this product to bring this product to US consumers.

The WaterHealer™ stands as an innovative solution, profoundly enhancing the properties of water. The showcased videos provide unmistakable evidence of its diverse, observable advantages. We are diligently amassing additional evidence to further underscore the groundbreaking nature of this product. This commitment is epitomized by our introduction of complementary water purification and enhancement products. Now, more than ever, the WaterHealer™ is positioned as a vital and confident answer to a multitude of needs in our collective pursuit of water optimization.

Many of us are located in areas where water quality is poor, and contaminants prevail. Many of our children are consuming these polluted waters, bathing or swimming in them. It is time to change this and for us here at The Blue Boy – we hope to bring you the latest and greatest products that can help you realize the value that the water brings to us. We must cherish it.


Water is life.


To the future and your health,


Azita Yazdani

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